TORA LIGHT MINISTRIES, (TLM) Through the guidance and leadership of Dr. Stan Chester and his wife Myra, is an organization especially developed to help believers in Israel.  This outreach has increased to include Jewish believers in Messiah Jesus in other nations.  The ministry provides education and worship through the understanding of Hebrew histry and the political and spiritual conditions of Biblical and current times.  They also provide financial support to organizations that are essential to sharing the love of God to His belivers.

Outreach to Israel:

Through the Jewish Institute of Justice

This organization consists of a group of Israeli lawyers, who are belivers in Jesus.  They work to defend and provide financial support to Messianic Jews in the Israeli courts because there are anti-Messianic groups in Jerusalem that work to keep Messianic Jews from receiving citizenship in Israel.  Because of a lack of citizenship, these believers are not allowed to work and therefore can’t afford housing, food etc.  TLM helps with their support in assisting in the fulfillment of the redeemed returning th Zion.

Through Magen David Adom

This organization is the Israeli emergency medical services consisting of nurses, ambulance drivers and medics that give aid to wounded Israeli military and citizens due to the attacks by suicide bombers and other terrorist activities.