The Philippines


Pastors Alejandre and Leah Apuyan provide leadership and are in joint partnership with 14 churches in the remote provinces outside of Davao, pioneering works in even more remote areas and other islands.

Their ministry outreach is to Muslim and Tribal areas, providing spiritual and financial assistance for church building, feeding programs, christian education, youth ministry and men’s and women’s fellowship.

Life Evangelistic Crusede/Team Missions

Life Evangelistic Crusade is the evangelical outreach of Romy and Nora Coupuz under the banner of Universal Pentecostal Church.  Through this outreach hundrreds of churches and pastors have developed under the leadership of this ministry.  The compound, located in Bulacan on the island of Luzon, is the home of Life Evangelistic Bible Institute graduating hundreds of men and women prepared for Christian educational outreaches.  Also located at the compound is a Christian School for primary grade education.

Juvelyn Gumalin – Team Missions

Mangyan Community Development

002_139Team Missions is the humanitarian outreach to the Filipino people that began as a vision of Romy Corpuz and Brother Melrose.  Currently a major focus of this endeavor through the leadership of Juvelyn Gumalin, Project Director, is the development of the Mangyan Community, 100,000 indigenous people of the Island of Mindoro.  Displaced from their lands by Filipino nationals from other islands and denied education and other rights of citizenship by the government, Team Missions is making major strides in their development though literacy programs, livelihood and citizenship education, health programs and introducing them to faith in Jesus Christ.